The Internal Elixir

Before we really deep dive into what will be a modernization of Taoist practices, I feel it is essential to touch on the basics of what makes it specific to the style. I won’t go into detail about how “wuji” divides from a primordial chaos into yin and yang. Sifu, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming has aContinue reading “The Internal Elixir”

The Value of Small Habits, and Un-Habits

James Clear has outlined the benefits of using small habits, consecutively, to build up large life changes. This is worth reading and re-reading. We are collections of habits over years, and to make significant changes requires us to really understand how the cue-> craving-> response-> reward loop functions. This also works for breaking “bad habits”Continue reading “The Value of Small Habits, and Un-Habits”

Wu Wei – 無爲

I am almost certain that I’ve at some time mentioned studying Taoism as a monastic temporarily, and then transitioning back into “modern” life. It’s also while you’ll see lots of references to this particular branch of philosophy in my writing. One of the things that “gets me” is that despite all of my training andContinue reading “Wu Wei – 無爲”

The Power of “Nah, I’m Good.”

The Emperor sent his men to bring the Taoist sage, Chuang Tzu, back to the palace so he could serve and provide good counsel to the Emperor. Of course, Chuang Tzu declined the honor when the soldiers found him sitting in the dirt at the foot of a shade tree. The soldiers demanded he explainContinue reading “The Power of “Nah, I’m Good.””

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