Control over Adrenal Response

I was reading an article today about a neuroscientist who took up pilates, to reduce stress responses. His reasoning was based upon a study regarding nodes in the cerebral cortex and how they interact with the internal organs. It’s a good read, and one that supports something I’ve believed for a very long time. “It’sContinue reading “Control over Adrenal Response”

Cheng Man Ching – “Self Cultivation”

One of the more interesting choices of words is in “Master Cheng’s New Method of Self-Cultivation.” I have recently been exploring this particular way of presenting the practice of tai chi chuan, and I rather like “self-cultivation” as a concept. This isn’t to say that practice, martial training, meditation, etc. aren’t all a part ofContinue reading “Cheng Man Ching – “Self Cultivation””

Cheng Man Ching on Temperament

“When I was a young man, I had a sense of justice, but recklessly disregarded the consequences of my actions. I had the ambition to study hard to reach the highest level, but my physical energy was low.” -CMC I will readily admit that martial arts have been a huge portion of my life. IContinue reading “Cheng Man Ching on Temperament”

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