…actual photo coming soon.

Who I am isn’t really important, in and of itself.

Since I’m not going to try to publish this nonsense in a journal, we’ll go with a pen name: Verba Ex Nihilo, VEN for short.

What might be worth knowing is that I’m an:

Ordained Minister, Certified Vitki, ‘Dan’ rank in 3 Japanese martial arts (no belt for Taiji, but I have a cool sheet of paper that certifies me to teach that too from Jesse Tsao), former data scientist, BS in Chemistry, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and a load of other sheets of paper that should mean that I know something…

….but I don’t.

The -reason- for this, if ever there is a reason for anything, is that I don’t know anything. I’ve asked a ton of questions, and feel that I’m still just getting started at actually understanding even myself. My whole life I’ve struggled with chronic depression and generalized anxiety. Things in my life can be great from the outside looking in, and I’d still be struggling to figure out why I even wake up in the mornings. Medication made me fuzzy and still depressed, alcohol had exactly the effect you’d expect, and trying holistic living and spirituality got me a lot of cool information…but still unhappy.

So, I decided to start an experiment “Ad Has Alchemy” or “Applied Alchemy” if you prefer. If you’re expecting great pieces of historical literature, this is not the place. I’ve read a good deal on the subject, but I think that what is really important that CG Jung was hinting at is that science and spirituality should reconcile with one another. Neither thing should really cause an issue for the other, and through either path the other should grow.

That’s what I mean to do here, explore the mind (spirit…pneuma) and keep super accurate records of what I’m personally doing in addition to writing about the things on my mind. I hope that if nothing else, I’ll be able to provide useful data points to someone who is working to help others.


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