Upcoming Projects

Good day.

I have been a bit occupied with a project to not simply write about some of the concepts presented here, but to provide tools that I personally find useful to those of us who might benefit from them.

I have a daily qigong practice, and often practice kundalini yoga. While I appreciate the guidance of an instructor, when something becomes a daily practice, it’s far less vital to have a voice explaining the same concepts over and over. I find great value in being able to really explore the inner workings of the body and mind, and as such, being able to keep time in kriyas that require holds for time is the main reason to have an external instruction.

As such, I’m working on creating ambient music that changes tonal structure when it is time for the position to change, artwork of the postures, etc. My hope is to be able to place these into a video to be able to share openly.

There’s so very much I’d like to share from my own practices, as I tend only to stick to what I find helps. Discussions on the creation of spagyric elixirs, essential oil distillation, and how to incorporate those into an ayurvedic system might all prove informative or educational.

…so, please be patient with me through this process. I personally am of the opinion that there will be much value in the results. Perhaps not. There’s no way to be sure until we complete it.


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