Breaking Free…for whatever reason.

Most Discordians will refer to the story known as the ‘Original Snub’ which explains a little bit about Eris. In this story, the Olympians assembled at a feast on Mount Olympus (called Limbo Peak by Discordians). They decide not to invite Eris due to Her reputation for causing chaos and strife. When Eris finds this out, She decides to get even with the Olympians by making a golden apple and carving the word ‘kallisti’ (to the prettiest) on its side. She sneaks up to the banquet hall and rolls the apple inside. Once the Olympians see this, they immediately set to fighting each other over who deserves the apple. From this point in the story, the various accounts diverge. Discordians take solace in this story whenever they themselves are snubbed. They also use it as an example of active defiance in the face of unwarranted exclusion. The story begs the question ‘if Eris was so bad, how come it was the rest of the Olympians who caused the commotion?’ Eris can be seen, in this light, as the one who makes you realize the inherent capacity for strife you already have. The ‘Original Snub’ is said to be the foundation myth of Discordianism, if such a thing could be said.

This one is about to get a bit surreal, as it well should be. The actual story revolves around how Goddesses who believed themselves to be archetypes or beauty and grace took to seeing that they only should be the recipients of this gift. Because, even though it is a wedding feast, egos persist.

To tell the total truth, it was Discordianism that led me (your humble and utterly irrelevant author) to Zen thought. While steeped in Rinzai, it’s entirely from the basis of Western culture. The “old stories” often contain a wisdom that is sadly ignored, and simply put…when dealing with unexpected outcomes, we should hardly be surprised.

I could explain Discordianism, but literally all of that information is already available. All you have to do is want to know. Seriously, don’t take it as a joke, even though it is, presented as a religion, presented as a joke.

The real questions come into play when we begin to self-reflect. “How would -I- respond to the nonsense?” I certainly cannot answer for you, and so you (as pope) must answer for yourself. Do we let nonsense rule our lives? How does our ego benefit? Does it? Do I? Who am I?

I do not wish to detract from the experience if you’re a newcomer. By all means, wade through the endless babble and see if you understand. If not, that’s okay, it’s babble. If so, then there’s endless meaning for those who do understand. Consider it Dadaism for the soul.

Best of luck, and when it sticks (as it will) then you’ll be in good company.

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