An Overview of The Duality of Posts

This may all be a bit different, but there’s a method to it. Allow me a moment to explain.

I’ll assume that the ‘about’ page is not step #1. Even if it was, there would be some gross oversights on the layout of each post.

Each Post consists of 2 parts

  • A random thing that I find worth talking about, which is also an invitation to discuss with me.
  • A summary of things happening in my own life, followed by a set of metrics to measure mood (BMIS: Brief Mood Introspection Scale.)

The reasoning behind this may help to make connections that might be missed by metrics alone. Where the mind is, the mood may be also. Not only this, but it will allow me (and the reader) to apply some degree of analysis to help solve the human condition.

1.) Make an observation.
Despite great deals of study, training and experience: I think many unhelpful things.

2.)Ask a question.
Are there patterns in my life that might lead to better understanding why I think unhelpful things?

3.) Form a hypothesis, or testable explanation.
Diet, Spiritual Practice, and Chemical Consumption are likely major players in where my mood is.

4.)Make a prediction based on the hypothesis.
I expect there to be a way to correlate my daily behaviors and my thoughts with my overall feelings.

5.)Test the prediction.

6.)Iterate: use the results to make new hypotheses or predictions

The final two steps are obviously unfinished, and essentially, there’s no point where the test needs to end. F(x) ad infinitum. Through these iterations, I may take short moments to reflect, or simply leave that up to the readers to summarize.


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